Root Canals in Teaneck, NJ

At The Dentists LLC, a root canal is a procedure that removes infected pulp from the inside of a tooth and restores its function and structure. It cleans the inside of the tooth so that infection doesn’t spread into the jawbone and causes further issues. It’s essential to have a root canal performed as soon as possible because an infected tooth can cause many health complications. These include abscesses, sinus pain, bone loss, and other serious issues.

The Reason for Root Canals Treatment

The purpose of a root canal is to save a tooth that would otherwise be lost due to decay or infection. If left untreated, the tissue surrounding the tooth will become inflamed and painful. In severe cases, the tooth may abscess or even fall out independently. A root canal can save your natural tooth and prevent the need for additional dental procedures, such as a bridge or dental implant. 

Also, if you experience severe toothaches or swollen gums, a dentist may recommend that you have a root canal. By removing the infected tissue and nerves of the tooth, the pain and discomfort that you experience can be alleviated.

Lastly, if you have a severely damaged tooth that cannot be restored with a filling or other restoration option, your dentist may suggest a root canal to save it. Sometimes, a cracked or damaged tooth cannot be repaired and must be removed. However, it is often recommended that a tooth can be saved from extraction through a root canal procedure. 

The Root Canal Procedure

Your dentist will begin by administering local anesthesia to numb the area and prevent you from feeling any pain during the procedure. Then your dentist will drill a hole into the affected tooth to access the pulp chamber. They remove the diseased tissue using small files and scrape away any decay. Once the area has been cleaned, your dentist fills the hole with a rubbery gutta-percha to prevent further bacterial infection. Finally, they will temporarily restore the tooth to protect it until your permanent one can be placed in a subsequent visit. After a root canal, it’s normal to feel discomfort in the area for a few days following the procedure. If needed, you can take over-the-counter pain medication to manage your symptoms. You may also need to eat soft foods and avoid hard or sticky foods for several days while you heal.

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